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Dictation and SecretaryService
Keep all medical journals in a secure database.

Fakta Dictation and SecretaryService
Fakta Dictation and SecretaryService is a voice recording and secretary system for doctors and medical secretaries to process recordings of medical journals digitally. The doctor records into a digital Dictaphone that runs on a PC, phone or a mobile phone*. When the recording is finished the journal is instantly forwarded over the network to the medical secretary part of the system where it is accessible.

Three simple steps

  •  Doctor records a medical journal.
  •  The recording is forwarded over the network to a medical secretary.
  •  The journal is instantly accessible to the secretary for further processing.

    The system contains robust access restriction, besides all access to each journal is logged and traceable down to a single operation and user.

    Various benefits
    Digital processing of medical recordings makes handling faster and more secure. This will help remove bottlenecks and speed up discharge of patients. Dictations can take place from a remote locations like ambulances and the secretary does not have to be located next to the doctor.

    *Potential addition
    It is possible to get an addition to the system that allows recording and forwarding of medical journals through the telephone system using both standard phones and mobile phones.