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Invoice Scanning For Navision
Invoice Scanning For Navision is software that enables instant access to invoices from within Navision, or other related accounting systems. The system is robust and easy to use and offer various potentials.

The process
Before the scanning process can begin the invoices are registered in Navision and released. Then the invoices are either scanned or imported from files and connected to the actual invoices in Navision through a custom built, easy to use, “plug – in”. Now the invoices are accessible, in locations that have been declared, within Navision.

Primary operations
When the invoices are connected to the actual invoices in Navision the user can view and handle them along as well as the appending information that the system has registered, but when the invoices are connected, the system adds index information to each of them. This registration of information can enable a later search for a certain invoice, but the system contains very powerful search options. The user can categorize the invoices, thus one invoice can include one or more pages. He can also save the invoices to files, print them out or send by e-mail.

Security and simplicity
Central storage gives the user instant access to invoices and reduces time it takes to search for them, it saves shelf space and reduces photocopying. The invoices are not destroyed, lost or misplaced and there is only need for keeping one copy of each invoice within the company, as it can easily be accessed in the database.

The system is designed to contain millions of invoices and it supports most types of databases, such as MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle and IBM DB2.