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FDDS - Fakta Digital Document Services
Keep all your scanned and electronic documents in a secure database

FDDS is a service that enables users instant and easy access to documents. This access can be through a Microsoft Windows Admin program, Web based user access or from within other applications. The documents are scanned, imported from digital cameras, office documents, voice conversation or any other digital objects into a database where descriptions and definitions can be added to them and later instantly retrieved.

The system supports Oracle, IBM DB2 and MS SQL databases. Both large and small companies in Iceland some with millions of images use the FDDS.

Three easy steps

  •  Receiving scanned documents from a scanner or digital objects from files.
  •  Adding indexed information to each document. This can be done by keying, OCR or from other systems.
  •  Information is accessed from the server. This can be done from a Windows program, from other systems or from the Web. The user can then print, e-mail or save his documents.

    Flexible and simple to use
    FDDS is designed as Microsoft Windows software. Those administrating or adding documents to the server mainly uses a Windows Admin program. By adding a tailor made user interface to the system, the look and functionality can be changed radically in an easy manner.

    The users that only need to access information, access it through the Web, or through a browser-based interface from within other systems. This makes all installation (deployment) and administration easy.

    Security and logg
    There are number of possibilities to control access to the information. All access is logged and traceable down to single operation/user.

    Various advantages
    By keeping the documents in a database that is accessible to employees it is possible to save considerable time, shelf space and photocopying of documents. The documents are not destroyed, lost or misplaced. There is only need for one copy in the company as it can easily be found in the database. As this is a service, it can easily be used to service images and other objects to other systems. The system can work in cooperation with other systems like the Fakta Digital Workflow services (FDWS) that is Approval Service for invoices.