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Aviation Maintenance Documents Scanning
Keep all your scanned maintenance documents in a secure database

Fakta Maintenance Document Scanning
Fakta Maintenance Document Scanning is based on Fakta FDDS, an enterprise document system. It enables users to scan maintenance documents and categorise them automatically.

The system works with either Oracle or MS SQL databases. The system was developed in cooperation with Icelandair Technical Services and has been a great success.

Three easy steps

  •  Scanning documents or importing digital objects from files.
  •  Adding index information to each docuĀ¬ment. This can be done automatically with barcode reading or manually.
  •  Information is accessed from Fakta FDDS; from a Windows program, from within other systems or from the Web. The user can then view, print, e-mail and export to pdf or save his documents.

    Simple to use
    Documents with barcode information are categorised automatically and documents without barcode information are categorised manually by an easy process.

    The system handles various types of maintenance documents, such as workpacks, cc orders, purchase orders, logbooks and form ones.

    Users that only need to access information, access it through the Web on a local network or internet, or through a browser-based interface from within other systems. This makes all installation (deployment) and administration easy.

    Easy integration
    Fakta Maintenance Document Scanning can easily be integrated to work with Amicos or other maintenance systems.

    Security and logg
    There are numerous access control possibilities including Active Directory to control access to the information down to a single document. All access is logged and traceable down to a single operation/user.

    Various advantages
    By keeping the documents in a controlled database that is accessible to employees and possibly customers it is possible to save considerable time, expensive shelf space and photocopying of documents. The document is not destroyed, lost or misplaced. There is only need for one copy in the company as it can easily be found in the database and accessed.