Fakta ehf
Sudurlandsbraut 50
108 Reykjavik
Tel: + 354 5201400

 Fakta ehf.
Fakta ehf. is a reliable and progressive software company, established in 1986. The company emphasizes scanning and workflow systems, paperless archiving and automatic distribution of virtual documents, as well as producing business systems for its associate company Regla.

Additionally Fakta has generated several specialised products that are built on standard components, which the company has produced. There are examples of specialised products that keep millions of scanned images and documents in a secure database. Our prospect is to provide customers with robust products and facilitate efficient management of all types of documents that are generated in daily business activities, to achieve the paperless electronic office through document management.

Fakta employees have a valuable experience in designing, developing and producing software and that has made us the choice to some of the largest companies in Iceland. While Fakta has a diverse and stable client base, the focus of much of the company experience has been with financial services, transportation, insurance, oil companies and government agencies.

Fakta is one of Iceland’s leading software companies where the customer requirements and expectations are at the forefront.

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The General Manager, Kjartan Ólafsson