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Fakta and Regla collaborating
Fakta and its associate company Regla have joined forces in providing business solutions and services that utilize automation to facilitate management and reduce workload for small and intermediate companies. The business systems are designed by Fakta from the ground up, but Regla offers the solutions through subscriptions via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture. Among the systems are Accounting, Sales, Work Diary and Salary.
Registration to the systems can be achieved through the Regla site,

Icelandair Technical services selects FDDS
Icelandair Technical Services, a provider of technical services and maintenance for Boeing aircrafts, has recently selected FDDS for scanning and managing maintenance documents. The documents are barcoded for automatic categorization and connection to Amicos maintenance system.

A new dictation system from Fakta at Landspitali University Hospital
Landspitali University Hospital have taken into operation Fakta Digital Dictation and Secretary Services which are based on our FDDS system. These services allow doctors to dictate from their mobile phone, PC or legacy phone in a digital format. The dictation is instantly forwarded over the network to the secretary part of the system where it is instantly accessible. Digital dictaphone processing helps speed up processes and make them more manageable. It has proven to reduce delays of discharging patients significantly.

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